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Chakra Balancing Sprays & Oils

$189.00 - $220.50
Chakra Balancing Sprays & Oils

These stunning sprays and oils have been designed specifically to balance your energy to the Chakras. You can purchase them individually or as a full set.

Full set includes - Base, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown and includes a detailed laminated Chakra Healing information sheet to accompany them.

SPRAYS****Purchase the FULL SET $220.50 and save $24.50******RRP $245.00
OILS********Purchase the FULL SET $189.00 and save $21.00******RRP $210.00

Created and handmade with love and intention by Denise Robinson, this gorgeous set of aromatic chakra balancing sprays and oils will clear and align each of the seven chakra’s as well as strengthen the related aura’s. Its colour vibrations will connect and align you to your Element, identity and purpose.