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Clear Vibrational Mist

Clear Vibrational Mist

Clear Mist was designed to clear, uplift and shift stuck or negative energies. Use in your house or space as well to energetically cleanse any negative energy or use with clients over their body to shift stuck energies or attachments. A great companion to clear your space in between clients and has a lovely uplifting citrus essence to immediately lighten up your space. Contains ingredients that will also work with long standing genetic patterning to assist in bringing the awareness up for the client to resolve and process very old patterns or beliefs systems.

Use along side sage sticks or crystals to enhance clearing and cleansing of energy.

Made with LOVE and INTENTION. Mist around you and your space.
Contains - pure moon water, crystals, flower essences, pure essential oils.
Keep out of direct sunlight, do mist directly into eyes or face. 50ml

Affirmation - My Energy is clear, light and aligned with love.