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Clear Your Energy Kit

Clear Your Energy Kit

Our Energy bodies and space that we live and work in can also collect negativity and get dirty! This lowers our vibration causing us to feel tired, irritated or just a bit off!

Clear Your Energy Kit is a great way to powerfully raise vibration, transform and clear your space so the energy feels light, free and clean again!

Clear Vibrational Mist 100ml. This mist was designed to clear, uplift and shift stuck or negative energies. Use in your house or space to energetically cleanse any negative energy or around your body to shift stuck energies or attachments. Clear Mist is a lovely uplifting citrus scent to immediately lighten up your space.

Native American Sage or Smudge Stick is used to purify mind, body and spirit. The smoke clears the atmosphere by dispersing negative energy, therefore clearing your space. The herb is considered sacred by the native Americans and can be used as a wand (as it appears in picture) or loose.

Palo Santo or Holy Wood has been used for centuries by the Inca's and people of the Andes. The wood is used to clear negative energies from your energy field and/or space by the cleansing smoke.

Black Tourmaline or Obsidian - Used for protection, purification, supports the purification of the body, eliminates toxin, helps dispel worry and fear, excellent grounding stone and clears the energy field and your space from negativity.

Kit Contains:

1. Clear Vibrational Mist 50 or 100ml
2. Palo Santo Stick x1
3. Native American Sage - Smudge Stick x1
4. Small feather x1
4. Black Tourmaline piece - medium size 5cmx3cm
5. Includes instructions on use and meaning of items

Packaged up in a kit and made with LOVE and Intention x