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Earth Child Mist & Healing Crystal Kit

Earth Child Mist & Healing Crystal Kit

A cute little gift for your kids if they are into Crystals and need to feel a little calmer and grounded within themselves.

Kit Contains:

Vibrational Mist 50ml - gentle blend designed to assist children to feel calm and settled. This blend is made with pure Australian Essential oils, it has a lovely fresh lemony and minty fragrance that is gentle on little noses. This blend will energetically balance, calm and clear the energy field.

Crystals x3 -
1. Yellow Aventurine represents self reflection, prosperity, calmness, balance & optimism.

2. Mookite - promotes strength, vitality, courage, physical healing & they reflect the stunning colours of the Australian Landscape of reds, yellows, pale purples and cream tones
3. Smokey Quartz - a premier grounding stone, excellent if you feel spacy or ungrounded.

All bundled together in a cute bag with details of what the crystals are.

Made with LOVE and INTENTION. Mist around you and your space.
Contains - pure moon water, crystals, flower essences, pure essential oils.
Keep out of direct sunlight, do mist directly into eyes or face. 50ml