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Element Balancing Sprays & Oils

$135.00 - $157.50
Element Balancing Sprays & Oils

These stunning products have been designed specifically to balance your energy to the Elements.

A great set of products to balance your client to the energy of the Elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. A recommended set to collect for EMK students studying the pathway to becoming a Registered Kinesiologist, these products are discussed in detail during Mastery of the Five Elements and Meridians.

Full sets includes - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood and includes a detailed information sheet to accompany them.

SPRAYS****Purchase the FULL SET $157.50 and save $17.50******RRP $175.00
OILS********Purchase the FULL SET $135.00 and save $15.00******RRP $150.00

Created and handmade with love and intention by Denise Robinson, this gorgeous aromatic balancing spray set will assist in balancing, clearing and uplifting you to the Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood Elements within your body and around you in nature. They will connect you to the rhythm of each season in nature and in your life, plus align you to your constitutional Element and balance the associated Meridians.