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EMK Kinesiology Mentoring Group

  • EMK Kinesiology Mentoring Group
  • EMK Kinesiology Mentoring Group
  • EMK Kinesiology Mentoring Group

Face to Face small group Mentoring for EMK Practitioners and Students! This is a great way to fine tune skills, practice your technique if feeling a little rusty or needing to change direction. Suitable for students that have completed all the workshops and for Certified Practitioners who have completed the EMK Pathway and starting their business.

Earn CPE Points and valuable skills to fine tune your practice. Please find below a list of what I offer at Live Balance Grow!

• Fine tuning your skills as a Kinesiologist, clearing up any bad habits, what is working and what isn't. Offering solutions to streamlining a full Kinesiology Balance with ease, boundaries and professionalism.
• Holding space for your clients. Ways to effectively handle tricky clients, overwhelming situations and tools to ensure your clients feel welcomed and supported.
• Knowledge and skills and putting this all together. Protocol demonstrations, revision and questions from the EMK Courses - Kineasy, Elements, Meridians, Chakras, Transpersonal, Auras.
• Blending your talents and gifts to reflect who you are as a practitioner and your business. Finding your authentic Kinesiology path, your strengths, what you love and what you don't.
• Your vision for your business - long and short term goals and offering support to achieve your goals.
• Tips on how to set up your clinic room and draw in positive energy and an abundance of clients. Ideas and solutions to creating a successful business so you can effectively allow your business to grow.
• Setting session prices, abundance tips and tools for attracting clients. Setting up systems and incoming client forms and worksheets or a systems to streamline the flow of your business.
• Energy tips and tools, keeping your energy clear and vibrant.