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Ground Your Energy Kit

$28.50 - $33.50
Ground Your Energy Kit

Ground Your Energy Kit assists you to ground, stabilize and calm your energy. If you are feeling foggy or ungrounded, caught up in your thoughts, feeling stressed or anxious this is the perfect kit for you.

Ground Vibrational Mist 100ml or 50ml. Use to ground, stabilise and calm your energy. Assists with anxiety, worried thoughts, overthinking, fear, feeling unsettled, dizzy or a sense of being out of body. Helps to bring your energy back into the physical, ground your roots and energy into the earth so you feel calm, balanced, supported, present, connected to yourself and your energy. A very powerful blend and my most popular Vibrational Mist, using this essence will instantly help you feel more in your body and a heavy feeling will wash over you as if you have been firmly placed back in your body!

Contains x3 very grounding crystals that are the perfect size to fit into your pocket or have with you to connect with and keep you firmly connected to the Earths energies so you feel safe, supported and connected bringing a sense of calm and clarity to your body and mind.

Yatra Incense is made from rich natural ingredients hand picked in India. A beautiful scent that will invoke a deep sense of calm. Use as part of your self love ritual along side the mist and crystals whenever you feel the need.

Kit Contains:

1. Ground Vibrational Mist - 100ml or 50ml
2. Yatra Incense x1
3. Crystals for grounding your energy x3
4. Includes clear instructions on use and meaning of items

Packaged up in a kit and made with LOVE and Intention x