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Ground Vibrational Mist

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Ground Vibrational Mist

Ground Mist is my most popular blend!

Use to ground, stabilise and calm your energy. Ground Vibrational Mist will assist with anxiety, worried thoughts, overthinking, fear, feeling unsettled, dizzy or a sense of being out of body. Helps to bring your energy back into the physical, ground your roots and energy into the earth so you feel calm, balanced, supported, present, connected to yourself and your energy. A very powerful blend and using this essence will instantly help you feel more in your body and a heavy feeling will wash over you as if you have been firmly placed back in your body!

Team Ground Mist with any of the Clearing products to cleanse and purify and settle your energy.

Made with LOVE and INTENTION. Mist around you and your space.
Contains - pure moon water, crystals, flower essences, pure essential oils.
Keep out of direct sunlight, do mist directly into eyes or face.

Affirmation - My energy is calm, centred & grounded