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I AM Spiritual Kit

$34.50 - $39.50
I AM Spiritual Kit

I AM Spiritual Kit helps you to align to your spiritual self and higher connection. Perfect for meditation, reflection or starting a daily ritual for spiritual growth.

I AM Vibrational Mist 50ml or 100ml. Use this mist to support your spiritual connection, allow understanding, awareness, self knowledge & wisdom to flow into your being. Clears feelings confusion, being unsure, indecisive, unclear and brings in feeling clear, focused, knowing, wise & connected to your higher self. A good mist to use when needing some clarity around an issue or a decisions.

The kit also contains a beautiful crystal pendulum with instructions on how to use and tap into your higher self for answers and insight that you may need in your life.

I AM kit also contains x3 powerful crystals that will align and assist in opening up your higher chakras and tapping into the wisdom and essence of the Brow and Crown Chakras and support your spiritual self. The crystals will be chosen for you and will come with instructions and meanings.

Kit Contains:

1. I AM Vibrational Mist 50 or 100ml
2. Crystal Pendulum x1 (value $20)
3. Crystals for meditation & reflection x3
4. Includes clear instructions on use and meaning of items

Packaged up in a kit and made with LOVE and Intention x