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Self Love Vibrational Mist

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Self Love Vibrational Mist

Designed to support self love and assist in opening and balancing the heart space.

The energies of the heart are responsible for compassion, love and empathy for ourselves and others. Our heart space is also the meeting point of all the energy centres and therefore an integral part of our whole being. The heart is where we connect to each other and where we connect to ourselves, therefore when we heal our hearts it has a ripple effect to everything that it is connected to balancing and aligning to LOVE.

This essence will help you to connect to your heart space, love and nurture yourself and begin the process of loving yourself so you feel a sense of peace, warmth and wholeness within.

Made with LOVE and INTENTION. Mist around you and your space.
Contains - pure moon water, crystals, flower essences, pure essential oils.
Keep out of direct sunlight, do not mist directly into your face or eyes.

Affirmation - I allow LOVE to flow freely into my life.