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Smudge Feather

Smudge Feather

Feathers are used to fan the smoke of White Sage or Palo Santo sticks when energetically clearing your space to raise vibration and clear out any negativity.

Feathers have been used in ritual for thousands of years as sacred objects in spiritual and magical practice. A feather will assist you in the physical by spreading the clearing smoke and connecting you to the spiritual by representing freedom and movement. For centuries, both of these magical earth offerings have been used as a ceremonial and spiritual remedy for protecting, purifying and cleansing energy.

How to Use - Set your intention and visualise the smoke removing the negative energy and dissipating, blowing out through the open window and disappearing. When you smudge with respect and intent, the ritual and symbolism of what you are doing goes well beyond the physical, enhancing and connecting you to the spiritual realms.

To extinguish a smudge stick, place in a fire proof dish or clay bowl and always use the appropriate safety cautions and respect when working with fire.


*Item consists of 1x Large Feather approx.: 30-33cm long - all feathers will differ slightly in pattern as all are individual. Feathers have been collected without cruelty. to the animal.