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Essentially Australian Pure Native Oils 12ml

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Essentially Australian Pure Native Oils 12ml

A beautiful selection of Native Australian Myrtles. These oils will surely delight the senses with their unique essence. Created by Essentially Australia, these oils are pure, 100% natural and of the highest quality, Australian grown and owned company. I personally use these along side my Kinesiology work for their powerful essence and energy.

HONEY MYRTLE - use to clear and focus the mind, aids concentration, uplifting, anti depressive, relaxing and calming. Has a unique honey scent.

LEMON MYRTLE - Improves concentration, aids sleep and calming. A rich uplifting and refreshing oil with lovely lemon scent.

ZEST MYRTLE- Invigorating, stimulating, deodorizing and zesty scent. A very zesty, strong citronella type aroma, very refreshing.

ANISE MYRTLE - helps to relieve anxiety, stress and calming. Anise has a fresh, rich scent with Aniseed aroma, use the oil in a diffuser for a beautiful unique fresh scent.

ROSE MYRTLE - Use to uplift the spirits, refreshing, anti depressive, calming. Initially uplifting lemon/lemony myrtle aroma followed by a fresh fruity aroma and then a lovely rose scent.