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CHAKRA SETS - Vibrational Mists


A beautiful and unique set of hand crafted Vibrational Mists designed to balance and energetically support each Chakra. Use your intuition to tune into the Chakra that may be out of balance, connect with the colour description on the bottle you have chosen for the particular Chakra. Spray the mist through the Chakra just above your body and allow it do works its magic.

These sprays can be used by anyone, they are an excellent companion to any healing work, Kinesiology or Reiki and a great product as take home support for your client. Purchasing a set of sprays saves you %10 ($24.50) and you will also receive a laminated product guide to accompany the set.

Every mist is unique and hand crafted and will work on the subtle flows of energy in the body. They are made in small batches with pure oils, crystals, flower essences and set under the full moon to absorb the moons potent energy, an intention is set for each batch to further amplify their healing properties. Keep out of eyes and away from the sunlight.