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Vibrational Mists

Throughout my journey as a Kinesiologist I have developed a range of Vibrational Mists. I use these powerful blends to balance energy, clear negativity, raise vibration, raise awareness, assist and support my clients in their healing journey and the shifts they may experience with Kinesiology work.

There are four main products in the range, each one is unique, hand crafted by me and designed to address common issues and imbalances that come up regularly in my work. The Vibrational Mists are gentle, pure and work on the subtle energy flows within the body and energy field. They contain a blend of pure essential oils, flower essences, crystals and moon water. 

The mists are made in small batches to keep their authenticity and set under the full moon to absorb the moons potent energy, an intention is set for each batch to further amplify their healing properties.

How to use your Mist!

Intuitively choose or muscle test to see which blend you need, mist around the area of your body where you feel any discomfort or imbalance and allow the mist to do its work. Take a big breath and enjoy the lovely scent and gentle effect the mist has on your energy. You can also connect and read the affirmation on each label, some of the words may bring up awareness for you.

Affirmations are positive reminders about what you would like to bring into your life, they also help to keep you focused, the affirmation is often very relevant to the mist you have chosen – say the affirmation every time you use your mist. Caution – do not spray directly onto your face and keep away from eyes. Store the mists is a cool spot away from direct sunlight.