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Colour Reference Charts

$35.00 - $45.00

EMK Charts for students of Kinesiology and Practitioners who use the energy of colour, essential oils and crystals in their sessions. These powerful charts having been lovingly created by Denise Robinson owner of By the Bay Kinesiology. All charts are full colour, made from durable material and clasped together to either hang or easily flip to your favourite remedy.

Colour Therapy Chart x 2 pages - features the spectrum of colours their negative emotions (clears), positive emotions (brings) and physical attributes of the colour. Chart also includes x17 block colour squares matching the chart for use with your client.

Aura Colour Reference Chart x1 page & x48 card deck - features all the beautiful colours of the Auric Field including the relevant attributes and meanings. Comes with x48 cards on a ring with block colours to be used with the chart.

Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology Colour Card Deck - set of x39 cards, coffee table deck includes x5 Elements, x14 Meridians, x7 Chakras, x6 Transpersonal Chakras, x7 Auras.