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Self Love Kit

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Self Love Kit

Self Love Kit is designed to support your journey into self love and connecting to your beautiful heart space. A lovely idea for someone who is experiencing the challenging emotions of the heart or needs to practice more self love!

Self Love Vibrational Mist 50ml or 100ml. Designed to support self love and assist in opening and balancing the heart space. The energies of the Heart are responsible for compassion, love and empathy for self and others, our heart space is also the meeting point of all the energy centres and therefore a integral part of your whole being. The heart is where we connect to each other, where we connect to ourselves, when we heal our hearts it has a ripple effect to everything that it is connected to. This essence will help you to connect to your self, love and nurture yourself and begin the process of loving yourself so you feel a sense of peace, warmth and wholeness.

Self Love Kit contains x3 powerful crystals to help you connect and support the energies of the heart and therefor invoke a sense of self love. The crystals chosen for you are the perfect size to fit into your pocket or have with you to connect with and keep you connected to your heart and yourself!

Himalayan Salt - 250gms of pure salts infused with pure essential oils and crystals. Use the salts in the bath or as a foot soak to improve hydration, absorb trace minerals, reduce cramps, pain and stress. Salts promote relaxation, sleep and letting go. Use a handful or 2 in the bath - a beautiful way to honour and love your self.

Kit Contains:

1. Self Love Vibrational Mist - 100ml or 50ml
2. Pure Himalayan Salts infused with crystals and Pure Essential Oils 250gm
3. Crystals for self love, connection and your heart space x3
4. Includes clear instructions on use and meaning of items

Packaged up in a kit and made with LOVE and Intention x